Affiliates Products Your Own Store

Affiliates Products Your Own Store

Affiliate Products Your Own StoreAffiliates Products Your Own Store. Apply if interested in having your own store online. Start with an affiliate products store, You can show products of affiliate programs you have joined. Available programs that  connect with our stores are Amazon, eBay and CJ (formerly Commission Junction) You are required to register to at least one or have a proper Affiliate programs associate account already. You can join all three if you want. If You are serious about   starting a store online you will love what I offer.

 Never before; setting up and adding products I MEAN LOTS OF PRODUCTS to your online store have been so easy. It took a lot of time and work. It’s a great opportunity to have an affiliate products store with no hassles nor the costs involved in setting a Host account, Domain Name, Banner Creation, SEO costs, WP Store Theme and others (+- $300).

For $50/yr.

You Get

One Affiliates Products Store hosted in ‘Stores Virtual Mall.

Setup and Activation as soon as you are approved, maintain communication and have complied with the requirements.

The stores will be in directories or folders  Ex. //

Will include a Header Banner , header can be Text (default) or you can make your own if you have banner creation software.

Will teach you and will make tutorial videos of all you need to know to set, maintain and SEO ( search engine optimize ) your site.

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