A Teenager’s Guide To Dating

    Fot the Teens and their parents

    Teenagers Guide to Dating

    Dating is one of the most exciting periods of your life. Suddenly, there are new horizons
    before you, friendships flower, your personality blooms, and your sense of being a
    desirable person worthy of affection becomes real. This is a time of great exhilaration,
    splendor, and discovery. To live it fully is to enjoy one of life’s most delightful
    To miss out on dating is a shame and a waste, especially when there is still time to do
    something about it. Dating is an art, and like all arts it must be cultivated to give results.
    Approach it with honesty, enthusiasm, energy, and it begins to take form. And soon you
    have answers to the questions that were worrying you.
    Long before you actually start dating, you dream about it. Wistfully, you see other
    fellows and girls out together on dates, laughing, talking, going places, having a
    seemingly effortless, wonderful time. Before you ever get a date, you see yourself as the
    gallant hero or the glamorous heroine of a romantic situation. You imagine all the right
    words and actions so easily, so vividly, that you can hardly wait to start dating. Yet,
    somewhere inside you anticipate the awkward moments when you will stand tongue-tied
    and clumsy before some very special person, finding that dating is anything but
    wonderful. And so you swing between eagerness and anxiety, impatient to try your wings
    at one moment, and afraid of a take-off in the next.
    When you consider the nature of dating, this emotional see-sawing is quite
    understandable. For dating fun is different from the fun a boy has playing ball with the
    fellows or the joy a girl knows confiding in her closest chum. In dating you are involved
    with persons of the other sex. You are learning about these other special people. And in
    the process you are also discovering a great deal about yourself. You are on the threshold
    of a new kind of experience that is grown-up, romantic, and full of promise for your life
    ahead as a full-fledged adult.
    Probably you are wondering when you can start participating in this new exciting
    experience. For some of you the answer will be easy. If you belong to a closely knit
    group that does everything together, having dates within that circle of familiar friends
    will come naturally and simply. But for the majority of young people the answer is not so



    new mothers guide to the child health

    Learn to detect your baby health problems

    This little ebook has been written for the young and inexperienced mother. It is intended
    to furnish her with that information which the experience and observation of some years
    convince the author, young mothers, almost without any exception, do not possess; and
    yet, from ignorance of which, the constitution of many an infant has received
    irretrievable injury, and life itself but too frequently fallen a sacrifice.
    In the first chapters, devoted to the general management of the child in health, the author
    has endeavoured to teach the young mother, that the prevention of disease is her
    province, not its cure; that to this object all her best efforts must be directed; and,
    moreover, that to tamper with medicine, when disease has actually commenced, is to
    hazard the life of her offspring.
    In the fourth chapter it has been attempted to point out, how the first symptoms of disease
    may be early detected by the parent. The subject has been felt to be a difficult one, and to
    give particular directions quite out of the question; but it is hoped that the suggestions
    thrown out will, in some measure, answer the purpose intended. On the advantage of an
    early and prompt application of remedies in the diseases of childhood, generally so active
    in their progress and severe in their character, it is unnecessary to offer any observation.
    The latter part of the work, consisting of the maternal management of disease, the author
    regards as a subject of high and serious moment. Small as is the attention which has been
    hitherto paid to it, yet, in the diseases of infancy and childhood, how invaluable is a
    careful and judicious maternal superintendence to give effect to the measures prescribed
    by the physician.
    The author has endeavoured to arrange the contents of the work in a manner which shall
    be most easily understood and readily available; and he now publishes it with the desire
    to supply, in some degree, a deficiency in this important department of knowledge.