The Good Shepard story
  • Story for children

    Christ for childrenIn the beginning, before the world was made, the Lord Jesus lived in heaven. He lived in that happy place with God. Then God made the world. He told the hills to come up out of the earth, and the seas to run down into the deep places which He had made for them.
    He made the grass, the trees, and all the pretty flowers. He put the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky. He filled the water with swimming fish, the air with flying birds, and the dry land with walking and creeping animals. And then He said, ‘Let Us make man.’
    Who were meant by ‘Us’? Who was with God when He made the world? It was Jesus.
    The Bible says:
    ‘THE WORD (that means Jesus) WAS WITH GOD, AND THE WORD WAS GOD.

    So after He had made everything else, God made a man, and named him Adam. God put
    Adam into the beautiful Garden of Eden, and at first he was good and very happy. God
    also made a woman, named Eve, to be his wife, and to help him to take care of the
    garden. All the fruit in the garden, except what grew on one tree, was given to Adam and
    Eve to eat; all the animals were their servants; and God was their Friend.
    A wicked angel, who had been turned out of heaven, saw how happy Adam and Eve
    were, and he was angry, and thought, ‘I will make them as bad and unhappy as I am; I
    will make them do what God has told them not to do. Then he will turn them out of
    Eden, and they and their children will be my servants for ever, and I shall be king of the
    So the wicked angel, whose name was Satan, came into Eden. He got Adam and Eve to
    take the fruit which God had told them not to eat, and God had to send them out of the
    beautiful garden; for God had said He would punish Adam and Eve if they took that fruit,
    and God always keeps His word.

  • Christ as role model

    Be like Christ

    I suppose there is almost no one who would deny, if it were put to him, that the greatest
    possible attainment a man can make in this world is likeness to The Lord Jesus Christ.
    Certainly no one would deny that there is nothing but character that we can carry out of
    life with us, and that our prospect of good in any future life will certainly vary with the
    resemblance of our character to that of Jesus Christ, which is to rule the whole future. We
    all admit that; but almost every one of us offers to himself some apology for not being
    like Christ, and has scarcely any clear reality of aim of becoming like Him. Why, we say
    to ourselves, or we say in our practice, it is really impossible in a world such as ours is to
    become perfectly holy. One or two men in a century may become great saints; given a
    certain natural disposition and given exceptionally favouring circumstances, men may
    become saintly; but surely the ordinary run of men, men such as we know ourselves to
    be, with secular disposition and with many strong, vigorous passions—surely we can
    really not be expected to become like Christ, or, if it is expected of us, we know that it is
    impossible. On the contrary, Paul says, “We all,” “we all.” Every Christian has that for a
    destiny: to be changed into the image of his Lord. And he not only says so, but in this one
    verse he reveals to us the mode of becoming like Christ, and a mode, as we shall find, so
    simple and so infallible in its working that a man cannot understand it without renewing
    his hope that even he may one day become like Christ.
    In order to understand this simplest mode of sanctification we must look back at the
    incident that we read in the Book of Exodus (xxxiv. 29-35.). Paul had been reading how
    when Moses came down from the mount where he had been speaking with God his face
    shone, so as to dazzle and alarm those who were near him.
    They at once recognised that that was the glory of God reflected from him; and just as it
    is almost as difficult for us to look at the sun reflected from a mirror as to look directly at
    the sun, so these men felt it almost as difficult to look straight at the face of Moses as to
    look straight at the face of God.


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