SEO Services site setup
  • SEO Services site setup

    SEO Services site setup. A very important aspect of starting your web store project is Search Engines ranking, so I bought a SEO program to optimize my sites, I would open an SEO Project for your site. Send you, beginning report, 3rd and 6th month reports and optimize for SE crawlers 4 pages. Is a must to work constantly to get the site pages optimized for best pages crawler indexing in the SE, also to get Search Engine higher rankings for keywords you want to target your store with (the goal is to rank pages by keywords in the TOP 10 search results listings for that keyword) and also very important, regularly building up backlinks to your site. Would need constant communication and copy text (page content) from you about the products, images and other needed info.

    Site Setup

    SEO Services site setup. I will setup your web site and add 4 products listings if there are available products in your site (I will make videos while I work so you learn to do it yourself in the future). A header large image like in my stores and a header smaller image like in the directories, a banner. “I would need you to add a new folder in your : Root Domain “public_html” folder. Name the folder /newsite. Later I will need a user account in your “/newsite” site with admin clearance so I can work (don’t follow this instructions until I explain the procedure) “.

    All this and a lot more I need to show you to do – $200.